- by Kelly Church, Texas Homes for Sale Magazine

Golf lovers beware: The Bandit Golf Club is a New Braunfels, TX golf course designed to steal your heart with a challenging, but elegantly designed, course. Built on a housing subdivision by acclaimed architect Keith Foster, club goers insist there are virtually no houses that come into play on the course.

The company's website even says, "You're more likely to see deer meandering beside Long Creek or a hawk swooping along the fairway than an oversized Texas mansion." The goal of The Bandit's staff is to offer golfers a quiet, peaceful atmosphere to golf on an exquisite course.

"Our passion is to deliver the golf course in exceptional condition to our guests with world class customer service each and every day, and at a remarkable value for their investment," says Marketing Director at The Bandit Golf Club Reid Wilson. "The design, conditioning and hospitality effort should be focused on increasing the enjoyment of the golfer. Getting this right, in our opinion, is the core competency of the business."

The Bandit offers golfing memberships, priority tee reservations, events, clubhouse and grill privileges and other benefits. According to Wilson, New Braunfels is the ideal spot for the serious golfer looking for a great course. With gorgeous weather, golfers can spend their days on the course nearly every day out of the year, drawing people from all over the state of Texas to come to The Bandit to golf.

"It has an almost cult-like following, as the course offers a challenge that golfers want to conquer," Wilson says. "Most who have played have a story of glory or heartbreak finishing on the signature par-5 18th hole."

The 18th hole is 552 yards, crossing water once and twists around a major curve, an obstacle not easy for even the expert golfer. With additional elevation changes, which are throughout the course, and large stands of oak trees, the final stop on The Bandit course is nothing to be taken lightly. Wilson, however, says the course is designed to be fun, not intimidating, and the staff is always on hand to encourage the good time.

"We love what we do, and as a result, we have fun at work. And the fun had here is highly contagious," Wilson says.